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Living on the wild side…

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I finally got the paddock boots that I ordered in October…after about three months of saving up….on clearance. Yee Ha!


This, of course, means I will be scheduling my riding class soon.

Soon, as in January. Why not tomorrow, you ask?

Because I still need a helmet. And riding gloves.

Who says horseback riding is cheap?

But let’s not talk about that, let’s talk about how adorably dorky my new paddock boots are. Oh…you still don’t know what they look like right? Here we go:


They are TuffRider lace up paddock boots in 8.5. In a color they call mocha. I got them from Equestrian Collections in dark brown instead of my usual preferance for black boots. I figured I’d live a little on the wild side for once… 


The fact that “living on the wild side” for me means wearing dark brown boots has not escaped me. It’s a sad, sad world when that’s the most excitement I’ve had recently. Oh. I’m sorry, mocha.

But I digress…

Look at the stitching in the front. I am in love with the stitching and the dark brown…sorry….mocha color and that’s about it. 


I had figured that for $27, the boots were going to be craptastically, butt-ugly. I am happy to say they are not. I can honestly tell you that they are not butt-ugly…they are dorky.

Big difference.

Whatever gets me on the back of a horse is fine by me.  

Next up? Zee helmet. I’m thinking I might just ask Santa for a riding helmet for Christmas. This is not something I am willing to go cheapo on. Especially for something that I will be wearing on my head while sitting on a four-legged creature that has the capacity to kill me!

Those of you that ride horses and wear helmets, do ya have any recommendations?

Mucho love and laughter,

City Girl to Country Girl

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