I Am In Love With My Spice Jars…

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A while ago, I bought a package of 4 glass jars from IKEA. As someone who buys spices in packets, my plan was to put all the open bags of spices I had at home in the jars, and continue buying my spices in the usual small plastic containers found at the supermarket.


I realized after a while that it was ridiculously cheaper to buy the glass jars and spice packets individually instead.


$5.99 for a 0.8 oz plastic container of spice, compared to .85 cents for the bag of spice.  The four glass jars went for $2.99 a box.


Meaning, I can refill my glass jars for about .85 cents a pop!


Yep, that dude in the background is Guy Fieri.


Yep, that’s him again on the TV. I like to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Sundays.

Don’t hate me.


Life is good…and I love IKEA.


It’s nuts how much I love my spice jars. I like to stare at them lovingly when the light hits them just so…



Just a few days later, I returned to Ikea and bought some more. So far, I have bought five boxes of jars.


I need to be stopped.

How do you store your spices?

Mucho love and laughter,

City Girl to Country Girl

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10 Responses to I Am In Love With My Spice Jars…

  1. Kristy says:

    I store mine in canning/mason jars. I love the look of them! I do this with brown sugar as well. My trick, especially because then it looks like you know what you are doing, is get a sharpie marker (no name works too) and write the name of the spice on the bottom of the jar…. no one see’s it, so the jars stay ‘pretty’, but you always know what’s there. Then if you want to put a different spice in the jar, it washes off and you can start again! Oh, this works really well (at least using mason jars) for keeping your rice and corn kernels fresh!!

  2. I found you via the November NaBloPoMo blog roll, and saw this post and just HAD to say, I love this idea. I started buying all my spices in bulk from the spice shop near my house ( http://savoryspiceshop.com/ if you’re interested, apparently you can shop online too which is awesome) but I haven’t made the move to jars yet! All the spices come in wee plastic bags and I never transfer them to cute little jars like you have… I will have to check Ikea the next time I’m there!

    What a cute idea! And love your blog, btw. I’m going to check out your other posts now!

      • Kanako says:

        First off I tried making a Brown Sugar Body Scrub. When my sietsr-in-law and I went for manicures last week, one of the luxurious parts was the brown sugar scrub that they used on ours hands. It felt so good. My hands were so soft afterwards, I realized I must have looked hilarious touching them so much! Then I remembered that I had found a recipe on Pinterest for a Brown Sugar Scrub (original idea here).

  3. Glenda says:

    I also buy in bulk but you shouldn’t let your spices see the light of day. Sometimes my secret pleasure is to go to my spice cabinet and just stick my nose it for a few minutes, all you problems will temporarily be forgotten.

    • I do that too! It’s one of the reasons I don’t have labels on the jars. That way, I can learn how to figure out which is the one I need based on scent alone.

      • Jena says:

        That’s an interesting idea! I’m slowly replacing my old cheap jars (the paint is flaking & I have to watch it doesn’t flake into the jars–or they’re cracking or just not sealing well) and I’d love to get some jars like this. I’ll look for them at ikea online. And maybe I’ll label the bottoms instead (though that would drive my husband nuts).

    • Ankush says:

      We received a coutner top spice rack as a wedding gift, complete with spices. Many of the spices/herbs were ones we don’t use. I dumped them and refilled them with “normal people” spices (you know, Season All, lemon pepper etc.). Saved a lot of space in the pantry and I actually use my spice rack now.

      • Namit says:

        Sorry Jack, but my shelf only has super generic stuff like Cinnamon, black peeppr, allspice, Salz, basil, oregano,and nutmeg and garlic. WOuldnt be much of a show. Lol. Though I bet few people have a canister of Five spice in their shelf/rack/cabinet. You should get some, makes oriental food have a zing.

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