Shelves? Did someone want shelves?

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One good thing about staying home during a never ending rainstorm, is that remodeling projects get completed.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I finished my shelves. I now have a small pantry in my kitchen…and several non-life threatening injuries that are healing rather nicely.

After three trips to Home Depot to get the lumber cut properly to my specifications, because apparently it’s really hard to measure out 17 inches and cut in a straight line with a giant automatic saw, I was able to turn my ugly, messy, literal hole-in-the-wall, plastic bag graveyard into a decent pantry.

And it only took a week…

Behold the before and after pictures that I will from this day forward show any unsuspecting visitor who enters my abode.





I will say, the after isn’t really after yet. I still need to paint the cupboards and change the handles but that will have to wait ’til spring so that I can leave the windows open while the paint dries.

You don’t think I’m gonna paint stuff in this apartment while I have the furnace on and most of the windows shut right? I’m not that stupid.

On a much brighter note, there’s no mess on the dining table other than my fruit bowls, nor are baking supplies stored in paper bags in the corner of my kitchen, nor are my spices hanging out in a congested drawer, nor are my pots and baking pans resting boxes on the dining room chairs…


And now, since I’m so obviously overqualified in┬áhome carpentry, I plan on building myself a dining buffet from scratch and saving $300-$400 in the process.

Injuries not included.

Mucho love and laughter,

City Girl to Country Girl

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2 Responses to Shelves? Did someone want shelves?

  1. Elle Sees says:

    nice! i didn’t make shelves but reorganized my makeup drawer and’s on my blog.
    ps–i have a giveaway!

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