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OK, I forgot the most important thing…

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This, really, is one of the most important things I didn’t think I would ever need (you know, before it even occurred to me to take horseback riding lessons) in my life.

It’s a Troxel helmet. ASTM/SEI approved. Yeah baby!


I’m loving it so far. Not because I have fallen off a horse (I haven’t, thank the Lord almighty!) but because it’s lightweight and it’s trés adjustable with a slight turn of the dial at the base of the helmet. And, of course, because it has the potential to save my life.


Get a load of the GPSII-thing-a-ma-knobby-thing at the base of the helmet. You can tighten the helmet click-by-click until it fits just right. Or loosen it. Whatever.

My fellow riders, have you seen “Every Time…Every Ride?” If you haven’t you should. Really. Seriously. That shit crap will scare you straight if you currently ride without a helmet. For real.

Let’s get real, the helmet makes me look like a silly mushroom head and I can’t wear a cool cowboy hat with it on, but I would rather look stupid than be dead.

Right? Right!

It’s all about priorities people.

Who’s with me on the helmet thing? If you would like to read some more on the subject visit the American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA) equestrian helmet fact page that’s full of stats and stories and pictures of post-accident helmets that will really make you think twice about riding without one. Or, if you’re like me,  just keep you from riding altogether.

Just kidding.

Mucho love and laughter,

City Girl to Country Girl

PS: Wear a helmet.

PPS: No really, wear a helmet.

PPPS: Aw heck, just wear a helmet even if you’re not riding the horse. You might trip and fall and hit your head as you step out of the house…might as well be prepared.

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