Who is City Girl to Country Girl?

I’m a full-time city girl who yearns to be a weekend country girl. I live in a big city while owning property in almost the middle of nowhere. Yes, I own it all by myself. Since I already have the land, there is just only one teeny, tiny, little, itty-bitty obstacle blocking my goal from being fulfilled right this very minute…money.

As in, I have none to spare at the moment to actually build my country home.

My blog chronicles my life, both the mundane, the not-so-mundane, trials and tribulations, celebrations, adventures and funny situations. I love to eat and cook, so don’t be suprised if you see a lot of food posts on my blog. I love shopping too, especially for beauty products, housewares and clothes. So, if you’re the type that’s easily inspired…hide your checkbooks and credit cards.

On second thought…hide mine.

I realize there is a lot I need to learn before I can even seriously consider moving to the country. I need to learn how to ride a horse properly which is why I’m currently taking lessons. I need to learn how to grow fruits and vegetables sucessfully, which is why I’m attempting container gardening in my city apartment. I need to be able to do home repairs by myself which is why I’m practicing with IKEA furniture. Yes, I own my own power drill. No, it’s not pink, but I would like it to be!

I want to eventually have the life where I can feed my chickens while drinking my Venti-Iced-Decaf-Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato from the Starbucks located just a few miles away from my property. I want to be able to ride my horse as much as I drive my little japanese car. I want to be able to see stars twinkling in the evening sky and hear coyotes howling in the distance as I leave my country home to dine at fabulous restaurants in the city. I want boyfriends to get the seal of approval from my mini cow and wake up to a crowing rooster as I rush off to the office. I want the best of both worlds and am grateful for the proximity of my land to the big city.

Somehow, I need to combine my city girl lifestyle and my country girl dreams without going nuts. It won’t be easy, and it might take a while, but I know it will be so worth it when I do.

Mucho love and laughter,
City Girl to Country Girl

PS: I’m always open to ideas and suggestions. Feel free to shoot me an email or comment on a blog post at anytime.