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My Summer Beauty Essentials

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I don’t slap a lot of stuff on my face when the weather is hot out. Something about covering my combination/oily t-zone face with a layer of foundation on a sweaty day kinda grosses me out. That being said, I do need some assistance in the beauty department lest I look like a sweaty troll.

And looking like a sweaty troll is never the goal.

I’ve noticed that I tend to use the same stuff over and over again. Here are some of the things I grabbed on my way to Las Vegas this past weekend…

(Oh, did I mention I was going to Las Vegas? No? Well, that’s because I’m the genius that dropped my laptop and busted the battery. I am currently using a practically microscopic laptop to post on this blog. Please pray for the swift recovery of my normal-sized computer.)

So here they are, my summer beauty essentials. The stuff I use when in Las Vegas and during record-breaking hot weather in Southern California. The stuff that seems to last forever, since I’ve barely needed to replace anything other than the sunscreen and the mascara:

Bronzer: Because you want a summer glow and don’t actually want to tan and end up looking like that leathery old lady in “There’s Something About Mary” when you’re 45.


Tinted Lip Balm/Gloss: Because you want your lips to look pretty and kissable and don’t want freckles or skin cancer on your kisser. Which, by the way, might ruin your social life. Think about it. Just sayin’


Sunscreen: Because you don’t want you face to burn, resulting in skin cancer or large swaths of sun damage on your face. How many times do you want to hear “I think you have something on your face” while that person reaches up to rub away that patch of sun damage on your visage? ‘Nuff said.


Clear Mascara: Because you don’t want clumpy black mascara flakes on your face while flirting with a lifeguard on the beach. Or heavy spidery-looking lashes when you want to look fresh and breezy. Do not channel Tammy Faye Baker. Please.


Thankfully, it wasn’t so brutally hot in LV this time around. I was sorta shocked ’til I remembered it was April, which is the perfect time of year to go to Las Vegas. Please don’t do what I usually do, don’t go in August. You’ll melt.

Mucho love and laughter,
City Girl to Country Girl

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