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I’m going to the PBR Anaheim Invitational! Yee-haw!

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That’s right. ME! Happy days are here again!

I am finally going to a bull riding event. There aren’t many in Southern California to begin with, so when I found out tickets were on sale for the PBR Anaheim Invitational on Friday, I got myself a ticket.

It will be my first time at a bull riding event in persona and I am thrilled. Thrilled I tell ya!

Not that watching the bull riding on TV isn’t fun, but there’s nothing like actually going to a sporting event and screaming along with the fans and watching the action unfold in vivo.

I have only gone to one sporting event in my life, an L.A. Avengers game at the Staples Center (Yes, indoor arena football – don’t judge me), so I have no idea what to expect. This sport is new for me.

Yes, I love bull riding that much. I’m not, like, an expert or anything…I barely discovered bull riding even existed about a year ago…and the bull riding events I watch are the CBR (Championship Bull Riding) events on GACtv, not the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) event that I’m going to. I’m figuring the riders are gonna be different from the ones I have watched and become a fan of over the past year.

Then again…who cares if they’re different??

Men + Bucking Bulls + 8 Seconds = FUN!

I can’t wait.

Have any of you, my dear readers, gone to one of these events before? Any suggestions, tips, ideas, unspoken rules I should know or follow?

Mucho love and laughter,

City Girl to Country Girl

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