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Ever heard of the song “Don’t Fence Me In?”

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Well, I want the complete opposite.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my land lately. In my mind, it’s just been hanging out there lonely, brown and dry. I’ve been thinking about adding some trees to my little 2.5 acres, but seeing as how I won’t be around to water them, and I don’t really have any neighbors out there in the middle of nowhere nor do I have a well…I think I will have to settle with fixing the fence around the perimeter of the property…for now.

On that note, I think it has a fence or at least it had a fence back when I had a squatter camping out there in an old mobile home, back in 2008. Apparently that person confused his property located two miles away from mine…well…with mine. I guess it’s to be expected when everything around you looks the same.

Long time readers of this blog probably remember me whining about fencing my land late last year. Well, it still hasn’t happened. I need something called…I tend to forget…wait, I think…wait a minute…yes…that’s it…money.

As in, I still don’t have any to spare.

But this time, I am doing something different from last year. I am being proactive by researching companies that can fence my land and if it’s, ahem, budget friendly…I might even be able to do it sooner than I thought!

It’s a small step, but a step in the right direction…

I plan to eventually have horses on my property and because of this I am trying to stay the heck away from barbed wire. It seems to be good for cattle, but not so good for horses that can get severely injured if caught in the barbed wire. I do want a few cows, but with 2.5 acres, it ain’t gonna happen. Unless, of course, I buy out my neighbors which doesn’t seem likely.

What I have found so far is that there are a lot of companies that use vinyl for fencing. I confess that the idea of vinyl for fences…is a little weird to me. I love the look of wooden fences, but then I would have to worry about things like termites and rotting. Then when I’ve decided on vinyl, I read that vinyl fences tend to sag and break after just a few years.

For those of you out there who have fences surrounding your properties, which one did you prefer?

And another question…and this is coming from my Ikea-loving self…should I even try to fence it myself?

Mucho love and laughter,

City Girl to Country Girl

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