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I Am In Love With My Spice Jars…

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A while ago, I bought a package of 4 glass jars from IKEA. As someone who buys spices in packets, my plan was to put all the open bags of spices I had at home in the jars, and continue buying my spices in the usual small plastic containers found at the supermarket.


I realized after a while that it was ridiculously cheaper to buy the glass jars and spice packets individually instead.


$5.99 for a 0.8 oz plastic container of spice, compared to .85 cents for the bag of spice.  The four glass jars went for $2.99 a box.


Meaning, I can refill my glass jars for about .85 cents a pop!


Yep, that dude in the background is Guy Fieri.


Yep, that’s him again on the TV. I like to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Sundays.

Don’t hate me.


Life is good…and I love IKEA.


It’s nuts how much I love my spice jars. I like to stare at them lovingly when the light hits them just so…



Just a few days later, I returned to Ikea and bought some more. So far, I have bought five boxes of jars.


I need to be stopped.

How do you store your spices?

Mucho love and laughter,

City Girl to Country Girl

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