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My “Ringer” Dilemma…

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For those of you who hate spoilers, this post is not for you if you missed the last few episodes of Ringer. You have been warned.

Anyone else watching Sarah Michelle Geller’s return to the small screen? ‘Cause I feel like I am the only one. And we all know one is a very lonely number…

I’ve watched Ringer religiously for the past few weeks (Okay, sometime I flip back and forth from the DWTS results show) and I can’t seem to… I just…I can’t seem to…no…I simply cannot get into it.

Which is practically blasphemous since I was such a huge Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan.

I don’t know if it’s the pacing (Malcolm’s been dying since almost the dang pilot episode!) or the lack of quality special effects (that speed boat scene in the pilot episode — I mean, really?) or the logic behind some of the story lines (Juliet is a rich kid on drugs so her dad sends her to public school to clean up? Seriously?).

I mean, sure it just started and it still needs to get into the swing of things, but some shows have already sucked me in, to the point where I would be devastated if they were to be cancelled.

Like, I would cry ugly, miserable salty tears if Hart of Dixie or Revenge were to be cancelled. The same goes with Pan Am.

Please don’t mention the sinking ratings for that last show. I choose to live in denial about them.

But I digress…

As much as this show is slowly but surely disappointing me, I do have a few theories about the show:

  • Siobhan is trying to kill Bridget because Bridget killed Sean while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.¬†Because we all know Siobhan tried to kill her. Remember when she got that phone call in Paris, telling her that Bridget was still alive? Yep. She wasn’t so thrilled.
  • Gemma is still alive. She has been kidnapped by Siobhan to screw over both Henry and Bridget. Henry because he didn’t want to off Andrew or Gemma for her. Bridget? Please see bullet point above.
  • Siobhan knew that Bridget would take over her life since Bridget was on the run from the law, hence she left her engagement ring on the boat…much easier for Siobhan to run from her life and eventually return if she felt like it. However, since¬†Bridget has no intention to ever return to her previous identity, she led the police away from her life as NuSiobhan by touching the lamp. This way the FBI would chase Bridget forever and NuSiobhan could get the attention off of Henry since he was a suspect. If he had gone to jail, the affair would’ve been revealed and NuSiobhan would be implicated in Gemma’s “murder.” Which is what Siobhan was counting on when she “kidnapped” Gemma. But Bridget doesn’t know Siobhan is still alive, so she basically screwed herself over.

And regarding that whole Malcolm story line…I can’t believe he is still alive. He’s like Kenny without the orange sweatshirt. I feel bad for the actor, but that whole plot line could be deleted from the show and most people wouldn’t notice. He’s like the Phoebe Buffey of the show (“You lift right out!” — Rachel Green, Friends). Talk about superfluous story lines…at least for now.

I will probably give the show a few more episodes before it loses me forever. It’s so disappointing. I really wanted to fall in love with this show.

Any thoughts about the show my dear readers? Ideas? Theories? Words of encouragement?

Mucho love and laughter,

City Girl to Country Girl

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