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I Thought The Shopping Coast Was Clear…

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Late Summer Faves!

Shirts blouse
$38 – thelimited.com

$23 – thelimited.com

$28 – thelimited.com

Smock shirt
$26 – thelimited.com

T shirt
$26 – thelimited.com


Well, there goes my Fall “red & black” obsession…

If anyone ever claims that shopping deprivation isn’t torture, that person obviously has no soul and must be shunned immediately.

On a much more serious note, I really need to stop going to the mall. I’ve been indulging in this little form of self-torture lately and it’s starting to get to me.

I got a nice little check from my momma for my birthday and I’ve been trying to be good and spend it on things I need…like food and health insurance. But that twitch…oh you all know that twitch…that must-spend-my-money-right-now twitch that we all get when we see something we like, in the store we currently like, in the section that we like (clearance!), in the color we like and the size we need…

Please don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. I know you’ve been there.

But no. I was good. I did not spend it on anything you see in the picture above. Not even the nail-polish (and you know how I feel about nail-polish). But I wanted to. I reeeally wanted to. But I didn’t…because I have bills to pay.

And just so you know, I hate bills

On a side note, is it me or has The Limited been putting out some nice stuff lately? I mean, before this summer, it was the the store I usually bypassed since the clothing always seemed so…blah.

As in, I hadn’t bought anything there since 2001, back when I bought a pair of black velcro-crotch shorts (please don’t ask me to elaborate) I have yet to wear.

Yes, they’re still in my closet.

No, I will never wear them.

But yes, I am currently in the middle of a full-fledged store obsession. I’ve noticed I tend to gravitate towards certain stores more than others during certain times in my life and I have noticed they come in waves. And it’s not that I’m exclusive to those stores, not at all. There are exceptions. I’ll flirt with any boutique, department store, or online store that has something I love in the window or screen, but my store obsessions are where I do most of my clothes shopping when I hit the mall.

In the early part of the last decade I was all about Express. I lived Express. I dreamed about Express. I was a walking billboard for Express (except for that time I bought those gawd-awful, velcro-shorts at The Limited) until they lost me to Miller’s Outpost (re-named Anchor Blue for all you young’uns).

Y’all remember Miller’s Outpost? Raise your hand of you shopped there! *hand waving frantically*

Just so you know, I still have two tank tops from there that I will never wear again since they are *ahem* slightly belly-baring. In my defense, I bought those when “Oops, I did it Again” was still on the radio.

But back to my story…

Then I grew tired of those stores and discovered NY & Co. where my shopping obsession was re-born. This was followed closely by my Old Navy obsession and its reliable old partner in crime, The Gap. There was a ridiculously brief flirtation with Aeropostale right after I graduated college, but I quickly progressed over to Banana Republic, Lucky Brand and Anthropologie and then stayed there…for a very long time. I eventually tired of those stores and flew on over to American Eagle, J. Crew and Arden B., but after an incident with a $70 wool top from Arden B. that I never wore and actually had to give away because it gave me a rash, since I simply CANNOT wear wool (I never give my stuff away and I couldn’t return it, so I was bitter) I returned to The Gap and it’s little annoying sister Old Navy.

I take that back. Old Navy isn’t annoying. It’s reliable and great for basics and casual wear, and you don’t get pissed off when the clothes get ruined since they’re so inexpensive! It’s what I wear to go horseback riding…

But I digress…

Then, I hit yet another birthday and Ann Taylor started calling my name. But, determined to find my retail fountain of youth, ignored her siren call as I determined that those clothes were “old lady” clothes and by golly, I was no old lady! So I went back to NY & Co and stayed there…until now. Which is ironic since I think The Limited is actually the sister company of NY & Co…right?

What about you dear readers? Is it just me? Am I alone in my shopping weirdness? Do you have any store obsessions?

Mucho love and laughter,

City Girl to Country Girl

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